The latest game the SAGuys have decided to play, as Lamey started feeling that monopoly was getting a bit tedious, as did Jacob.

The idea to play Worms came from Jake, who, after Lamey's (failed) suggestions of playing other games, suggested we give Worms World Party a go. However, this was an unsuccessful effort, as anyone with Vista was pretty screwed with the graphics, as the colours were wrong, and quite frankly, looked like fluorescent vomit. In addition to this, it was no longer being patched. However, for some reason, Worms Armageddon, a fairly older game, was.

We downloaded it, as well as hamachi, and, after a few minor issues, mainly with resolution, we finally got a successful game going, and it was amazing.

Worms World Party

For years before SAWA came along, Jacob, Lamey and Jacob's friend Dennis (also Lamey's friend, through Worms) played Worms World Party. All this meant is that by the time Jacob came to play WA with the SAGuys, they all had their own conventions, and all the old ones were gone. It is worth noting, however, that these were minor differences, such as having 90 second/infinite turn times and always having infinite ninja ropes on being certain examples. Due to Jacob's frequent expressions of annoyance, though, different things may be sampled in the future. Whilst WWP is the superior game to WA, primarily due to features such as Crate Showers and Super Ropes, as well as a variety of game modes, through patches WA has gotten some really great features that WWP was lacking, such as higher resolutions, 8 worms per team despite the number of teams and an improved in-game chat.

Bear in mind that the reason WWP is not being played is due to the game crashing on startup for several players. WA is more than a suitable alternative.

Wormms (Arcade)

An Xbox 360 Arcade version of Worms proposed by Jake, an awesome motherfucker, as it is "only 400 points". The idea was largely ignored by Curry, a colossal bender.

it's actually 800 points

and will be down to 400 from monday

i'll be getting it and it'll be awesome XMFD


Jake - Red

  • Xeno's Chicks (2009 - Present)
  • The Paradiddles (2009 - Present)

Lamey - Purple

Curry - Yellow

Tom - Green


Dom - Cyan

  • Some wap shit. Gundams or Lucky Star or some shit I dunno. (2308)

Jacob - Blue

  • Team Eggers (2009 - Present)


  • idk someone find out for me
  • It's in the screenshot of that mass game I think, dawg.


Team Awesome - Red
Team Fortress - Cyan
Team XenoCurria - Red
Team Lameochria - Purple



Even the terrain thinks knows Jacob is gay!


SAGuys Worms

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