Gaming concert, best shit ever.

Jake's partial accountEdit

Jake’s awesome account of VGL.

Woke up at 6:45, just like for college, stayed in bed til 7:15, got up, did everything 15 minute quicker because I had to be out the house for 8. I did that and shit, but because it was so early, the bus driver was all like ‘rofl no one on the bus I’ll be l8’. So the bus arrives at like 20 past, I arrive at Hucknall tram stop at like 25 to, late. I was the first person to ruin VGL.

Gte on tram, find out it costs like 3x mreo because it’s early or some shit, took the first few pictures. Pointed at some guy who looked like Craig Charles and he threw a stone at the tram. I should have taken a picture of him. Started to pull into the stop, saw Dom, lolled heartily, took a picture of him.

And so the trip officialy began. Me and Ross didn’t have bags, being awesome, we had all out possessions on ourselves. Tom and Dom had bags, that’s fine, but Jacob, being the goddamn boy scout that he is bought like spare clothes, a tent and shit like that. Seriously wtf.

Got money out ,nearly got my card stuck in the cash machine, Tom bought some new headphones (and not the ones that required a saw to open, which sucked). Went into Waterstones for Ross to pick up a book or something, accidentally phoned Dom’s house, XD. Bought some food, then Dom left us to go to the bank.

Arrived at the bus station, sat down on a bench of three, leaving Jacob to sit on the opposite bench far, far away, which was hilarious.

‘Where the fuck is Dom?’ ‘Fuck if I know. Man we’re so awesome.’ ‘Fuck yeah we are.’ ‘High five.’ ‘Fuck yeah.’

All conversations should be like that. But yeah, we couldn’t find Dom, Jacob rang him twice, no answer, Ross rings him, he instantly picks up, says he’s at the bus station, where we are. No sign of him anywhere. The coach arrives, people are lining up, our illions of grandeur, of getting the back seat so we can all be awesome and shit for the three hour journey are slipping away with every fucking second.

We eventally deduice that he’s in the coach booking station thing. We go over t it and see him there, and find out that he’s just asking for when the coach leaves on Thursday (or some SHIT like that). Thanks Dom, now YOU’VE ruined VGL for us all. We line up for the coach, get on, scattered throughout the bus, everyone sitting next to some nasty ass person. Thanks a lot Dom.

However, we played some crazy awesome Mario Kart, along with lots of other shit, by the end of it my DS was on red, which sucked because that’d mean I wouldn’t get much VGL playing time unless I got to a charger. What the fuck else did we do on the coach? Looknig back, it seemed to have gone pretty fast. Jacob read some book or some shit, me and Tam played some co-op EBA, which was badass.

We arrived at the place we were supposed to be getting off at (fuck if I knew, I had no idea where we were or where we were going throughout the entirety of the trip), went into some station, and bought our all day underground passes. This was awesome, because we all used different methods of paying for it. Dom put in too many coins, only for the machine to regurgitate them all back out, which was fucking hilarious. I used a debit card, someone else used a note, it was badass.

There are so many cameras in those stations, two of them were pointing at the exact same location, at the exact same angle and everything. We then went on our first underground journey, which is where Larry, Chuck, Buzz, Jared and Britney were conceived. This amazing phenomenon is basically us five acting as stereotypically American as we possibly could be, because being in such a different environment, questioning EVERYTHING different we saw, we were no better than a group of American tourists.

I was Larry, Tom was Chuck, Ross was Buzz, Jacob was Jared and Dom, of course, was Britney. Of course Dom was Britney. It made so much sense and felt so right. But yeah, we went around London shouting our heads off, much to the annoyance to every one around us, in loud, 13 year old American female accents.

During this time we walked along a long open stretch of street, infront of a building or something, a small crowd to the far left of us. The whole scenario seemed very out of place, as there was no one in this stretch of street. We bravely traversed over it, which resulted in laughter from the nearby crowd. We get paranoid as fuck as quickly hurry to the end, looking around to whatever it could possibly be that they were laughing at. I didn’t actually see what it was, I don’t know if anyone else did either. But yeah, that was fucked up.

We decided to ask a cop where the fuck Garrick Street was so we could get our American heinies down to the American sweet shop because we felt homesick. We made it in there and bought some awesome American shit, my quest to sampel the delights of Vanilla Coke, my favourite beverage of all time was fulfilled SOMEHWAT, as they had Black Cherry Vanilla Coke, which reminded me heavily of the real thing, but I’ve actually forgotten the taste compeltley now. Also bought some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that were sickly as shit. Ross bought a Tootsie Roll which ahs the same effect on him as did the Boost that I had once; a completely drained, depressed feeling. Seriously what the shit is with that.

Arrived in Switzerland, remarked at the fact that we’re also in the European Union (if you haven’t guessed by now this is the stupid American shit we were doing, which was awesome). Me and Tam got a Subway, mine sucked ass. Then we went into the Trocadero, this badass multi-storey arcade thing. Dom came along and started fucking people’s shit up on DDR, kicking ass and taking names. Got a video of him moving that wap ass of his incredibly fast, awesome shit. Jacob and Ross went on Mario Kart Arcade GP, Ross also went on tyat awesome moving thing, I dunno wtf it was.

We left and wnet to the place where VGL was (again, no idea of the actual name). Saw the London Eye, the L block from Tetris, Big Ben. We then went into Namco, played DDR again, I kicked Tom’s pasty white ass at air hockey, found a palce to charge my DS for 15 minutes. It was time to leave for VGL, which was just over the river or some shit.

Arrived the the Royal Festival Hall, Tom gave us the headbands that Rae had beautifully and painstakingly hand crafted for us, seriously, thanks for that Rae. Eqipped them, took several hilarious photos, and busted out the DSes. I desparelty tried to find a plug socket to charge that fucker up, found a few, most didn’t work, and the ones that did were out of range of the crowd. Managed to play a game of Ouendan 2, but othe than that, it was just Pictochat, which is kidn of disappointing, I was epcting to kick the asses of everyone to challenge us at Ouendan 2. Ah well.

There were some awesome cosplayers there, a (what we believe to be) professionally done Master Chief, a Master Chef costume (dire pun), Samus, wich looked pretty crap but had a lot of effort put into it, a full blown furry Wolf Link costume, Midna, a Pokéball, and some others. They were all pretty good looking back. We then entered the main auditourium, Ross went for his seat, the other four of us took our super badass seats at Row B. And fuck, were they awesome.