Why play I Spy when you can play Spot the Crouch?

The Rules Edit

Spot the Crouch is a game to be played outdoors, with multiple people (limitless) or just by yourself. It begins when one player states "Let's play Spot the Crouch." At this point all players should sit up and pay attention, looking into any nearby crowds of people for the elusive, titular Crouch. What is the Crouch's job? At any point during the game, while performing any action, the Crouch (who, of course, could be absolutely anyone) will lower their height a little, via a bending of the legs, or "Crouching." If any player witnesses this, or "Spots" it, they will excalim "There he is!" and point in the general direction. This player is declared the winner, and a new round begins immediately, with a new Crouch assigned.

First created near that Subway in the square that one time. We saw a guy crouch so naturally Jacob said "Let's play Spot the Crouch." Isn't that what everyone does? Is that how it works? I don't know!

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