Scroto McLoosehole is the MSN name that Jacob adopted from October 2009 to April 2010, the name being conceived by Jake (a suggestion as to what Jacob's porn star name would be in his inevitable gay porn career); the wager by Tom. It was originally conceived during one of the SAGuys' regular chats about gay porn. Tom, Lamey and Jake all offered to pay Jacob £10 each upon his completion of the task, with Kyri later promising £20 upon flawless completion.

Backstory Edit

Scroto's parents decided to name their child, officially, as Scrotum Cocks Loosehole, and upon getting to secondary school his peers found hilarity in his name and gave him the now permanent nickname of Scroto McLoosehole.

It is said that the "Mc" part of his surname is due to the fact he prefers "Massive cocks" in his Loose hole.

Terms and Conditions Edit

Jacob Mills must have the words "Scroto McLoosehole" as his MSN name for a period of six months, starting from the 5th of October, 2009. No derivative or variation in any way whatsoever, from including the words SOMEWHERE in his name in a different sentence, to even adding a question or exclaimation mark at the end of the name. If it remains unchanged through the entire period of six months, Jake, Tom and Lamey will pay Scroto £10 each.






Scroto 3

to be continued

Kyri says: XD i just read Scroto if you can get to April WITHOUT CHANGING i'll throw in 20 pounds i'll add to the kitty

Completion and paymentEdit

As of February 4th, Jacob still has two months until the total completion of the bet. As part of a personal wager, however, Jake paid his £10 early, leaving £40 left in the kitty should Scroto complete the full six months.

Scroto mcvictory

jake pays up

Two months later, Jacob successfully completed the bet, changing his name to "Jacob Thrills" at around 5pm on the 6th of April. He awaits payment from Tom and Kyri.

Scroto mcviy2ctor

The final day of the bet passes

Scroto mcvictory3

lamey pays up

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