The first and only entry of a SAGuys Cookery Book. Created as a tasty snack by Jake.


  1. Acquire a Milky Way.
  2. Find a microwave oven device.
  3. Open door, place Milky Way on a square of kitchen roll.
  4. Set timer for twelve seconds. This is vital.
  5. Close door, cook.
  6. Open door, take out Milky Way
  7. Eat off of kitchen roll.

Fucking winner.

However, Jacob, curious one day and home alone, decided to attempt this himself, with overwhelmingly apocolyptic results.

The Jacob Milky Way Microwave Tragedy Edit

He was alone in the house once. So he thought, hmm, a good time to try that Jake shit. So he did, to the letter. But three seconds into step 5, something went wrong. There were sparks. Bad noises. He leapt to the door, pressed cancel. Heart racing, he tried to open the door (with an oven glove, lest radiation burn his skin). It wouldn't open. Panicking, he phoned Jake. Jake merely laughed. Forcing the door open, Jacob retrieved the totally in tact and unaltered Milky Way. He walked away, never to mention it again.

His Dad was seen cleaning the microwave later.

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