Holy ShitEdit

Awesome dude. Went to Holgate for secondary school, met Tom there, became BFF. He left at the end of year 8, in which I met Jacob at around this time. We were then BFF, (god this is so gay). Tam came back in year 11, that was cool, we wanted to go to West Notts college, but then we were like 'fuck that BTECs suck ass', and went to Bilborough instead. Met Dom here, then Dan at Wintereenmas I. Jacob came back and was one of the dudes during this time, then we all turned gay and shit and because the SAGuys.

Opened a big present, hoping it would be a Gamecube, but supressed my many tears when infact, the box was of course way too big for a Gamecube, as it was a goddamn Xbox. I mean, I guess that's cool.

Fucking JesusEdit


Wut Dan did on Jaeks Birthday

During like year 10 or something, the Nugs were formed, participants being Jake, Ross, Jacob and Laura. Tom wanted in bad so he could kick all of our asses at SSBM, of which he has now done over various happenstances. Filmfest I occured during some time, where we turned a member of the Holgate guys gay inadvetertently. No seriously. After the Nugs disbanded, the Buhniggers were formed, consisting of Jake, Ross, Tom, and Josh. The Bugniggers major outing was the first VGL trip, which was excellent, yet paled in comparison to the second occasion.

Goddamn BallsEdit

Ross leveled up to College in our second year, and thus the five of us were born, the SAGuys at college. Dan followed thereafter, bringing our incredible troupe to six, Jake, Jacob, Tom, Ross, Dan and Dom. And there has never been a finer sight. The idea of a SAHouse was bought up one day, the group all living together in one house, free to do whatever we wish. This idea was our one goal, until the day it finally happened, at <holy shit insert date here>. Goddamn.

100 0748

Rock BandEdit

Jake loves the game so much that he actively takes part in related chats or something. He's the only Brit in them, ever.

Suck it xenofags

Jake: yeah let's invite dom
Kyri: i joined this guild on wow
*Bianca has been added to the conversation.
Jake: that's nto dom

Jacob: is it b donor
Jacob: my new hero
Kyri: i'm 23, yes
Jake: i wodner what b's first name is
Jacob: blood
Jake: banana
Jacob: idiot
Jacob: XD
Jake: oh.
Jake: that makes
Jacob: lolling hard 
Jake: perfect
Jake: sense
Jake: if you said "here's a plate of dog shit, it won't make you ill and tastes amazing" I'll lap that shit up
Jacob Thrills says (21:07):
beats me asshole
Jake says:
my boyfriend
he beats me' asshole

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