He likes cheese.

Blood group: A+


No seriously guys the whole cheese thing is a myth. It's like, I'm not even, I don't even, I mean I don't even knwo that much about cheese. Jake knows more than me. I like Red Leicester the most and that's the only damn cheese I ever eat, really. The whole cheese thing is blown way out of proportion. WRONG

Jacob William Mills was born on the 18th of April 1990 after being conceived some nine months prior. You may notice this is the same day as Tom, but I'm better than Tom in every way, especially height. Is this what bios are meant to be like I don't know.

So anyway I'm tall, I've got hair, I'm... tall... blue eyes etc etc. I'm the only one who seemed to take education seriously, that sucked. Anyway, in order:

I met Ross at school via a mutual friend, Thomas Riley-Smith. I met Jake via fluke MSN conversation, added in by that guy who lied about beating me at Soul Calibur. We happened to both be LUE members, and recognised one another's mannerisms. Jake has the quote I met Tom through Jake at College I met Dom through Tom at College I met Dan through Dom at... uh And so on and so forth.


I don't know what else to put. I like video games and my good friends the SAGuys. I should probably admit that I introduced Lamey to everyone. I like Lamey. He's a cool guy. No, really. Ah well, I'll never convince you.

Was this meant to be written in first person

Jacob: stay in me, ian
Jake: fuck yeah, Knights of Cydonia 
Tom: fuck yeah, QOTSA 
Jacob: fuck yeah absolute silence
Jacob: seriously my left ball really hurts   
Jacob: its like burning     
Jake: cancer    
Jacob: aids     
Jake: no, cancer    
Jacob: damn   
Jacob: does this mean i can have unprotected sex    
Jake: uh    
Jake: yes    
Jacob: woo    
Jacob: hey dom     
Dom : what?    
Jacob: do you want unprotected sex
Ant: what the fuck did you get U's in    
Jacob: straight studies    
Ant: o snap
Emma: I've never had sex   
Jacob: hey lamey you finally found someone else to join your club
Tom: Actually    
Tom: you guys suck     
Tom: I know what I'm getting    
Jacob: not laid
Jacob: the best word that rhymes with jake is     
Jacob: mistake    
Jacob: because it describes his conception
Jacob: why me  
Jake: because you're gay  
Ross: because you are the gay one  
Lamey: because you're gya
(00:00) Jacob - Peace an: meet the old dipslay pic
(00:00) Jacob - Peace an: i've fucked this up already
(00:00) Jacob - Peace an: never mid.
(17:34) Jacob Thrills -: just spilt water all over myself
(17:34) Jacob Thrills -: so i went otuside and played myself at swingbasllo for 20 minutes

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