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SAGuys had a brief fad of collectivly playing FFXI for massive amounts " HOYL SHIT WERE ALL PLAYING THE SAM- FEMALE HUME FAPFAPFAPFAP"

Jake spurred on the fad and Dan and Tom became the forefathers of hardcore level grindan, while Jake lagged behind and Dom started over and then gave up.

Eventually Tom and Dan stopped playing once they realised everyone but them had phased out and wasnt going to play anymore.


  • Dom, Tom, Dan, and Jake were all running to some gay ruins to level.
  Dan "whoever last gets to the ruins is a weeaboo faggot hurr"
  Dom "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck"

Upon the warp of the ruins however, Dom called Dan for help saying he was being attacked by a Yagudo.
Dan then stopped, waited and then watched Dom warp into the ruins without any Yagudo.....

  Dan "godamn it fuck you Dom"


  Xenane rolls 998!
  Artemecien rolls 999!
  Xenane:  hoyl shit
  Caerula: rolls 1!
  Xenane: XD
  Artemecien: XD
  Baktuar: XD

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