The Rainbow isn't supposed to have inverted commas, either. That's right.



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Dan's mother who was obviously on drugs, saw rainbows on his face and decided to call her son 'Rainbow'. I mean what the shit guise.

When Dan was 12 and went to secondary school, this was when he came in contact with Dominic Ainscoe. after a many years of friendship and some "LOL I LIKE THE SAME GIRL AS YOU" drama, Dan proceeded to end his current life as a skate faggot and pursue Wap underneath Dom.

It was not until Dan was attending college and he hosted WEmas that he met Jake and Tom.


Note no less than 5 :3cs


  • Dan had his first major apperance in the SAConvo when he acted as Troll host of a Lamey/Ant argument.
  • Dan is has average/upper average skill in any game he plays, except RTS games like AoE which he is shit at.
  • Dan's favourate emote is Cactuemote


- "Dan is the most normal out of us all" - Tom
- Jake:  From: faceguydude | Posted: 6/20/2008 04:08:45 PM | Filter | Message Detail
' I've never heard anyone ever talk about it so I've decided to share it to the world. ' When your bored and slightly horny take a half empty 16oz Diet Coke bottle and cum in it.' Shake it up once your empty. Its  really weired because the coke almost solidifies'and the mixture that is Diet Coke become in two parts a solid foam  like substance and a clear watery substance.You have to do it to fully appreciate it, It'll keep your attention for a solid 10 minutes.
Jake: what
Dan: what
Dan: fuck
Dan: i know
Dan: full well
Dan: one day im going to do that

- Cactu Entered Chat -
Cactu: Hey Hey Streetah Fightah!
MAX PRINGLES: keep fighting make da future brightah!
Cactu: :3c
Kohaku: :3c
mallard: :3c
Koof: :3c 
Lazy Miko: :3c


DJ Cactu Last Fm

DM Baka Music Myspace

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